Lookbook #5


“Summer Sunshine” on LOOKBOOK.NU

Fedora – Forever 21
Flower Pullover – Urban Outfitters
Denim Shorts – PacSun
Slippers – Forever 21



Lookbook #3


Hello all!

Here’s a Throwback Thursday Look for you guys. Back in the day when I had long hair that I did not take care of as much as I should have. Bleached, permed, straightened, curled, dyed, then bleached again. My hair was tortured because of my craving for constant change.

Yes, another random fact about me, I like to change things up especially my hair. Now that I have short hair I miss my long hair and I want long hair ASAP!  Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of extensions since I’m all over the place and I don’t like the inconvenience of being careful with them so they don’t fall out fast.

Anyhooo, for this look I have on:

Grey pea coat ➡ Forever 21
Off-white polo shirt ➡ Thrifted
Maroon skinnies ➡ PacSun
Faux snakeskin flats ➡ Thrifted but saw them at Urban Outfitters for rip-off price
Triangle ring ➡ Gift


Lookbook #2


Just a quick post because I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy trying to cop shoe releases for my online store.

Check it out here. Please and thank you! 😁

Among the many things I want to do, I’m also an aspiring entrepreneur.😄

Now, for my look above when I used to have a pixie cut I have on:

White tank top ➡ Forever 21
Red cardigan ➡ Forever 21
Floral harem pants ➡ PacSun
Peach woven flats ➡ Urban Outfitters
Necklace and Ring ➡ Forever 21


Lookbook #1


Since I just started this blog, ALL of my lookbook posts will be late posts until I get caught up. The same applies to my other posts but if I find good deals out there that has a time limit, I will definitely post them up ASAP! 😁

Okay, now for this OOTD I have on:

John Lennon Sunnies ➡ Pop Killer DTLA
Striped crop top ➡ Urban Outfitters
High-waisted button shorts ➡ Urban Outfitters
Pointed-toe flats ➡ Urban Outfitters
Brown shoulder bag ➡ Forever 21
Gold Locket Necklace ➡ Forever 21
Diamond Ring ➡ Forever 21


For Starters


Who am I? What do I plan on doing? What else is new? And all that good stuff.

I’m Mica, pronounced mai-ka not mee-ka. Currently 24. I am lost in life, still trying to figure things out.

So, this is my first time blogging and I plan to stick to it. I had a few start-up blogs before but never really posted anything, I just made accounts preparing to share my experiences with the world. But I never really had anything to share, I wasn’t doing spectacular or completely awesome things that’s why I never made that first blog post. However, as I looked back on the things I’ve done, the experiences (no matter how small they were) I’ve had, I can’t say that they don’t amount to anything. In fact, I realized that those small things were and still are the most amazing things I treasure in my life. I live for those sweet, simple moments and I want to share them with everybody. So here goes, world, get ready to be blasted with what goes on in my little world.