Lookbook #1


Since I just started this blog, ALL of my lookbook posts will be late posts until I get caught up. The same applies to my other posts but if I find good deals out there that has a time limit, I will definitely post them up ASAP! 😁

Okay, now for this OOTD I have on:

John Lennon Sunnies ➡ Pop Killer DTLA
Striped crop top ➡ Urban Outfitters
High-waisted button shorts ➡ Urban Outfitters
Pointed-toe flats ➡ Urban Outfitters
Brown shoulder bag ➡ Forever 21
Gold Locket Necklace ➡ Forever 21
Diamond Ring ➡ Forever 21


The Bun Shop


Friday night dinner with the hubby and friends at The Bun Shop in Ktown.

The Bun Shop
151 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 468-1031


I got their Beefy Bao and Spam Bao.




It came with a side of either macaroni salad or chilled edamame. I picked the edamame and glad I did, I liked the citrus-y touch they put on them. It was probably lemon or lime, I don’t know but it was yummeehh. Also, I got their shop fries which was sprinkled with garlicky, herby goodness. 😋

The baos were bomb 👌👌👌 yessirr, although I had a bit of trouble eating the Beefy Bao cause it kept falling apart but it was all good. Spam Bao wasn’t anything special in my opinion, it was spam in a bao with some onions and greens and tomato but I don’t like tomatos in my burger or baos so I just took it out. Still tasted good though! 😁

Good environment, they had music playing so none of those awkward silent moments haha and it’s located near a lot of other chill spots in LA. Will post more about that soon!

If it’s free, it’s for me 😁

Living in LA, I like to scout around to find the best food places and chill spots in the area. If I find something really good, why not share with the world so they can enjoy their awesomeness too, right?

So here’s one of them, and if you guys check them out before the month ends you could get a free crépe. *

Crave Cafe
11992 Ventura Blvd
Studio City
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 763-9000



* write a review on yelp to get a free crépe by the end of May 2014.


My beshie and I went to Crave a couple of weeks ago to get caught up since she’s been very busy with work and I missed her.

We went to the one at Studio City since it was close by and we were trying to avoid LA traffic, we originally wanted to go LA foodtrippin, but we met up a little past lunchtime and traffic sucked ballz.

Anyway, Crave has this feel-at-home-but-you’re-not-really-home feel. There were people on their computers, some reading books, doing homework, and others just chatting up a storm. Overall, a good place to chill and catch up with friends. And of course, we got a free crépe and that in it by itself made it an awesome day to be there.

Now go and get your free crépe!
Try their drinks too,, I got the Mocha Frap which tastes completely different from what they make at Starbucks. Not too sweet, you can actually taste the mocha not just the sugar just how I like it. But to each his own.


For Starters


Who am I? What do I plan on doing? What else is new? And all that good stuff.

I’m Mica, pronounced mai-ka not mee-ka. Currently 24. I am lost in life, still trying to figure things out.

So, this is my first time blogging and I plan to stick to it. I had a few start-up blogs before but never really posted anything, I just made accounts preparing to share my experiences with the world. But I never really had anything to share, I wasn’t doing spectacular or completely awesome things that’s why I never made that first blog post. However, as I looked back on the things I’ve done, the experiences (no matter how small they were) I’ve had, I can’t say that they don’t amount to anything. In fact, I realized that those small things were and still are the most amazing things I treasure in my life. I live for those sweet, simple moments and I want to share them with everybody. So here goes, world, get ready to be blasted with what goes on in my little world.