I Wanna Taco Bout It

I used to work in the Simi Valley area and loved going to this Mexican restaurant called Tico’s. Unfortunately, it’s a 30 or so mile drive from me and with gas prices nowadays, I’d be spending food budget on gas money. 😭 But if you guys are ever around the area, check them out! I love their food, plus they have huge servings for the price!

Tico’s Mexican Food
1675 E Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 527-0520


Okay, so moving on. Seeing as how I felt deprived of having a local taco place I can go to when I have cravings, my search began. And then, my friend told me about Señor Fish in Eagle Rock and OMG I’m in love! 😍

Senor Fish
4803 Eagle Rock Blvd
Eagle Rock
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 257-7167



Ensenada and Al Pastor Tacos


3 Ensenada Tacos, Al Pastor, and Carnitas

Looking at these pictures alone is making me crave badly. 😮
Each taco costs around $3, I usually just get two cause they’re really filling and they don’t skimp on the meats so you definitely get your money’s worth. And yes, everything we ordered so far ¡es muy delicioso! 👌

Parking is good too, just thought I should mention this from now on. My hubbs and I drive lowered cars so we like to know whenever we go somewhere new if our cars would fit in the parking lot or if there will be humps or dips that we’d have to avoid.
If you drive a lowered car, you’d have to park side street but it’s not so bad since it’s on a corner street of a residential area.


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