The Bun Shop


Friday night dinner with the hubby and friends at The Bun Shop in Ktown.

The Bun Shop
151 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 468-1031


I got their Beefy Bao and Spam Bao.




It came with a side of either macaroni salad or chilled edamame. I picked the edamame and glad I did, I liked the citrus-y touch they put on them. It was probably lemon or lime, I don’t know but it was yummeehh. Also, I got their shop fries which was sprinkled with garlicky, herby goodness. 😋

The baos were bomb 👌👌👌 yessirr, although I had a bit of trouble eating the Beefy Bao cause it kept falling apart but it was all good. Spam Bao wasn’t anything special in my opinion, it was spam in a bao with some onions and greens and tomato but I don’t like tomatos in my burger or baos so I just took it out. Still tasted good though! 😁

Good environment, they had music playing so none of those awkward silent moments haha and it’s located near a lot of other chill spots in LA. Will post more about that soon!



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