For Starters


Who am I? What do I plan on doing? What else is new? And all that good stuff.

I’m Mica, pronounced mai-ka not mee-ka. Currently 24. I am lost in life, still trying to figure things out.

So, this is my first time blogging and I plan to stick to it. I had a few start-up blogs before but never really posted anything, I just made accounts preparing to share my experiences with the world. But I never really had anything to share, I wasn’t doing spectacular or completely awesome things that’s why I never made that first blog post. However, as I looked back on the things I’ve done, the experiences (no matter how small they were) I’ve had, I can’t say that they don’t amount to anything. In fact, I realized that those small things were and still are the most amazing things I treasure in my life. I live for those sweet, simple moments and I want to share them with everybody. So here goes, world, get ready to be blasted with what goes on in my little world.


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